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5 Most Common Gut Health Mistakes People Make
60-70 million Americans are diagnosed every year with gut-related illness and millions of people probably have a leaky gut condition and don't even know it! People are suffering from a host of symptoms like abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea, leaky gut, infections and bacterial overgrowth. Even the research is now showing that a leaky gut condition is thought of one of the mechanisms that leads to autoimmune disease. On top of all this, more people are reporting food allergies and reactivity to gluten, wheat, grains, nuts, dairy products, and GMO foods. Find out the most common mistakes people are making when it comes to addressing their gut and autoimmune issues and why they are still suffering.
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The road back to good health has to start somewhere… and that place is the gut. We've known this simple truth for thousands of years... so why then do so many people struggle month after month and year after year with things like the right diet, food issues, leaky gut, brain fog, unwanted weight gain, mood swings, bloating, gas, IBS, arthritis, and more? This book captures the most common mistakes people are making around their gut and immune health and how you can get things sorted out so you can get back to healthy living.
  • Why 60-70million Americans are diagnosed every year with gut health issues
  • How gut health is part of the root cause of many chronic health conditions
  •   Why autoimmune conditions start in your gut
  • Why your gut is your largest immune organ (70% of the immune system lives there)
  •  Why leaky gut is the #1 condition most doctors miss or avoid all together
  • Why your gut microbiome determines over all health
About the Author...

Aine-Marie Landis is a Functional Nutritionist and Health Coach and creator of Gut Health Secrets 30-Day Bootcamp... the only program that gets your gut in shape! She has helped hundreds of clients turn around problematic gut health issues, food sensitivities and allergies, leaky gut, IBS, and years of suffering from chronic autoimmune symptoms. She's the author of other books on digestive issues, autoimmunity and bio-individual nutrition.
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