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  • Discover the root cause of digestive issues, food sensitivities and allergies, leaky gut, and autoimmune symptoms
  • Get peace-of-mind by knowing your health risks years before real illness sets in
  • Do tests most doctors won't... because they don't look at the "big-picture"
  • Help your family discover underlying health issues and end the needless suffering
  • Use the data to get a plan of action to turn your health around

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    Order your test, receive your test Requisition Form, collection kit and step-by-step instructions, schedule your blood draw or take the home-test, wait 14-21 days. It's that simple!
    In-Depth Analysis by a Trained Specialist 
    Your results will be reviewed by a highly trained practitioner with an in-depth understanding of specialized laboratory testing that interprets results within “the bigger picture” of health.
    Free 30-Minute Consultation
    Your personal test interpretation consultation is conveniently conducted in the privacy of your own home or office in addition to receiving a detailed report of  your test results and summary.
    The cost of each test is only $399 $299 (on sale now)
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    Wheat-Gluten Panel
    Comprehensive, sensitive and specific test to determine the spectrum of wheat and gluten related disorders. The test recognizes antibodies to wheat peptides-including gluten and non-gluten parts.

    Ideal test for those with food sensitivities, digestive issues, skin problems, autoimmune conditions, and a family history of celiac disease, immune-related conditions.
    Leaky Gut Panel
    Measures the integrity of the intestinal lining checking for a leaky gut condition. Immune reactivity test looks at tight-junction integrity and irritation to the gut lining by allergens and bacteria.

    Ideal test for almost everyone, but especially important for those who've taken antibiotics recently, have recurring digestive issues, IBS, and autoimmune conditions.

    Microbiome Bacteria
    This is a true bacteria selfie, looking specifically at populations of beneficial and harmful bacteria, lipopolysaccharide, and short-chain fatty acids that reside in the lower bowel.

    This test is ideal to monitor and manage the effects of gut microbial imbalances and ideal for those with a history of leaky gut, digestive issues, IBS, bloating, gas, etc. ‡

    Parasite & Fungi
    A straightforward and rapid way to identify, monitor, and manage gut infections and overgrowth, by detecting the presence of 30 types of potentially harmful virus, parasites, fungus, and bacteria in the lower bowel.

    This test is ideal to monitor and manage infections in the GI tract and ideal for those with a history of leaky gut, Candida, yeast infections, colitis, gastroenteritis, IBS, bloating, gas, etc. ‡

    Each Test Packages Includes...
    • Order processing, shipping, and handling
    • Test kit and detailed instructions
    • Professional analysis and interpretation
    • Detailed report and recommendations
    • 30-minute private phone consultation

    ‡ Currently the Gut Bacteria & Parasite/Fungi tests are not available outside of the U.S.
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